The Group Moves Membership Conference to November in Support of Industry Week, Right to Repair

March 28, 2024
The Group believes a change in date and venue provides its members an opportunity to learn the latest updates on Right to Repair

The Automotive Parts Services Group announced that its 2024 membership conference will be held in conjunction with the AAPEX Show and the AWDA Business Conference in Las Vegas in November. 

The Group believes that moving the event to coincide with AAPEX provides its members an opportunity to learn the latest updates on Right to Repair and to better understand the need to get involved with the initiative.

“This is an important time for our industry to come together to advance its strength and opportunity,” said Larry Pavey, CEO of The Group in a press release. “Since The Group has nearly 100 percent attendance at the annual membership conference, we felt that holding it in conjunction with AAPEX and the AWDA Conference would generate added support for the advancement of Right to Repair. Our members are committed to doing everything possible to advance this critical initiative, so having them attend AAPEX and AWDA events will be beneficial to all involved.” 

“AAPEX and the AWDA Conference have long been our industry’s trademark events, its ‘homecoming’ of sorts, and being able to host one of our industry’s biggest and most influential program distribution groups is a great opportunity,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association (AAPEX co-owner).

Paul McCarthy, president and CEO of MEMA Aftermarket Suppliers (AAPEX co-owner) noted, “This move has strong support from aftermarket suppliers, and we hope it will enhance our partnership and business planning with our valued channel customers. AAPEX is the place for valuable meeting and relationship building, and we applaud the leadership from APSG in making this happen.”

Ted Hughes, executive director of AWDA stated, “AWDA has a long history of leadership within the industry, and The Group shifting its signature event to align with the aftermarket’s biggest experience is another example of AWDA members continuing to be at the forefront of the aftermarket.”

Those planning to attend The Group conference are encouraged to mark their calendars for November 2-6, 2024.  Details are still being finalized and will be made available soon.

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