Today's Class Integrates AMRA/MAP; Webinar to Come

April 24, 2024
Industry educators collaborate to bring uniform inspection and communication standards to the hands of shop owners, service advisors, and automotive technicians.

Auto repair industry online training and education provider Today’s Class along with the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association’s Motorist Assurance Program announced that AMRA/MAP is now integrated into the Today’s Class app.

Available immediately to Today’s Class customers who are also AMRA/MAP members, the integration will make it easier for service advisors and technicians to quickly use and access MAP’s vast standards resources, especially the Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards (UICS).  

Today’s Class is hosting an educational webinar on May 15 at 2:30 p.m. eastern time featuring AMRA/MAP to provide additional details, outline the benefits to shop owners, their employees, and consumers, as well as a demo of the technology. Chris Jones, editor of Ratchet+Wrench, will emcee a webinar hosted titled, "Repair or Replace: Adopting Ethical Sales Standards for Service Advisors & Techs."

“Previously, to access the UICS, Today’s Class customers had to first obtain credentials before logging in, look up a system or component, and then act on the information provided,” said Jeff Cox, President of AMRA/MAP.  “In addition, most shops had to share a terminal among the technicians and service writers which often created barriers to the information. Now, all Today’s Class users will have access directly through their app.”

“We worked together to streamline access to and ensure better alignment with MAP standards because, when followed, these guidelines introduce a consistent code of ethics and consumer protection into repair and maintenance transactions,” said David Boyes, President of Today’s Class. “When customers receive training, it will be connected to MAP ’s best practices specific to each situation.”

Anyone interested in the webinar can register here.

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