North Carolina Ford Dealership Causes Series of Headaches for Vehicle Owner

April 15, 2024
Though a North Carolina driver reached out to the dealership for a recall repair, she's only been left desperate with no transportation for over a month.

A Ford owner in North Carolina has been met with a series of obstacles while trying to have a repair performed on her recalled vehicle, reports ABC 11 WTVD.

While driving her 2020 Ford EcoSport, Knightdale resident Diona Boone experienced her dashboard lighting up and the vehicle decelerating. She took her car to the local dealership where the oil pan was removed, revealing debris that led to an engine failure.

Afterward, Boone discovered that the issue her EcoSport was experiencing was covered under a recent recall–however, the dealership refused to cover a repair, as the automaker had not yet released an official fix.

“They were like, 'Either you can pay the $10,000 or just let us know when you're going to come get your car,'” recalled Boone. “But the car is not drivable the engine is shot!”

Though Boone eventually received a notice in the mail stating that a repair for her vehicle would be covered under the recall, it’s unclear when the repair will be completed. In the notice Ford sent Boone, the automaker said the parts needed for the repair were not immediately available.

In the meantime, Boone has struggled to acquire a loaner car, leaving her forced to continue making payments on an inoperable car while having no mode of transportation. Out of frustration, Boone reached out to ABC 11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, and only then did Ford provide Boone with a rental car until her EcoSport is repaired.

“I've been going back and forth with them for over a month and a half now,” Boone wrote to Wilson. “After calling multiple people, going through multiple channels, that's why I reached out to you because I was tired of getting the runaround–going back and forth.”

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