Battery Recycling Organizations Develop Program for Electric Vehicle Repairers

May 14, 2024
Whether EV batteries are at the end or middle of their life, shops can use Ascend Elements and Call2Recycle's program to have them shipped out and recycled.

EV battery recycler Ascend Elements has partnered with Call2Recycle to develop management, logistics, and recycling services for repair shops working with EV batteries, according to a recent news release on CleanTechnica.

Ascend Elements–which operates one of the largest lithium-ion battery recycling facilities in North America–will integrate its battery recycling capabilities with Call2Recycle’s collection, logistics, and tracking services. Whether EV batteries are at the end or middle of their life, or damaged or defective, shops can utilize the service to have them shipped out and recycled.

A cloud-based platform called GreenTraxEV is used to schedule battery shipments, and provides information on the routing and logistics of EV battery management through Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Power Platform. According to Ascend Elements, the software may be customized to meet the specific needs of a customer.

Through the new service, Call2Recycle and Ascend Elements aim to collect and recycle a total of over 300,000 EV battery packs by 2030.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with Call2Recycle and offer a comprehensive EV battery recycling and tracking program to our customers,” stated Ascend Elements Chief Commercial Officer Ian Braime. “This new program will help automotive dealerships, repair shops and recyclers prepare for the wave of EV batteries that is expected in the coming years.”

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