Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Rivals Electric Vehicles in Japan

June 12, 2024
With Toyota having already developed a hydrogen prototype of the Corolla Cross, we may see alternatives to EVs in coming years.

As a push for electric vehicles grows in the United States, the automotive industry in Japan has been looking at other alternatives, according to ECOticias.

Through collaboration between the country’s government and industry leaders, research and development on hydrogen fuel technology has surpassed that found domestically. 

It’s led to Toyota, a known proponent of hydrogen technology, to develop the Toyota Corolla Cross Hydrogen Concept: a prototype based on the Corolla Cross that has an advanced hydrogen fuel cell rather than an internal combustion engine.

The vehicle is powered by an electric motor, which receives energy from the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. This process emits only water vapor, making it harmless to the environment. Additionally, each fuel cell stack has the capability to power a vehicle for 300 miles.

Hydrogen energy is something Japan has been looking to invest more into, with potential for it to be utilized in not only transportation, but for power generation, industry, and domestic use, as well as cutting the country’s dependence on imported fossil fuel.

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