Cyberattack on Dealerships Sends Ripples Through Auto Repair Industry

June 27, 2024
Dealerships having to revert to processing transactions via pen and paper has slowed down not only their processes, but surrounding repair shops who need specific parts.

A recent cyberattack on a software platform used by thousands of dealerships across the U.S. has created an impact that is sending ripples through the repair industry, according to a report from CBS 12 News.

CDK, a company providing management software used by dealerships across the country, was the victim of a cyberattack by a group of hackers, leading to data of customers being leaked. 

It’s forced dealers to return to processing everything via pen and paper, throwing a huge wrench in their operations–and, consequently, the repair shops that rely on them for parts they need on certain repairs. 

Adam Hamill is the service manager at Lake Park Auto and Fleet Repair in Lake Park, Florida, which is one example of a shop that’s been affected by the cyberattack. For certain repairs, the shop requires a certain part that is only accessible through a dealership. The longer it takes for them to get the shop that part, the longer Hamill’s customers are having to wait.

“It slows business down because we have to have cars sit here waiting on a specific part that we have no choice but to get from the dealership,” told Hamill. “We have absolutely no control over it.”

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