Virginia Auto Shop Owner Spearheads Statewide Movement to Reuse Rainwater

July 1, 2024
Go Green Auto Care owner Tyrone Jarvis' efforts help not only small businesses like his, but everyone in the state to save costs and protect the environment.

An auto shop owner in Newport News, Virginia, has spearheaded state legislation that will help provide sustainable and affordable water to businesses and individuals across the state, reports WHRO.

Tyrone Jarvis, owner of Go Green Auto Care, began his mission around a decade ago, when a leak in his shop sent his water bill up to $5,000. Upset at seeing the waste of water and lost cost, it was a joke made by a water department employee about catching rain that ignited a concept in his head.

Jarvis began researching the concept of capturing rainwater, filtering it, and reusing it for flushing toilets, washing cars, and even drinking. He developed his own rainwater harvesting system, and one rainy day had it hooked up and ready to go. 

Using UV and carbon filtration, the end result was clear, pure water. Seeing the potential of his successful experiment, Jarvis reached out to city officials sharing his story–but was met with notices that he had violated city code.

Jarvis was required to reconnect to city water, but it wasn’t the end for him. He invited then-Newport News Del. David Yancey, leading to Yancey drafting legislation recognizing rainwater as a valid source of water. This bill went on to pass the state legislature unanimously, and for the past six years, Jarvis has been part of a group helping the government develop standards for rainwater harvesting. 

As the proposed standards now await approval from the governor and state health secretary, Jarvis hopes to further his mission by establishing a local association for rain harvesting, or starting another business to sell harvesting systems for homes.

Today, those who drive by Go Green Auto Care will see the message proudly displayed on their sign: “We’re powered by rain!”

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