Autel Extends Its Advanced Diagnostics Coverage to Electric Vehicles

Oct. 1, 2022
Introduces two new tablets and upgrade kit for existing units.

Introduces two new tablets and upgrade kit for existing units. 

Though automakers debuted hybrid and electric vehicles more than a decade ago, it wasn't until recently that the industry committed to electric vehicles. And they have gone all-in. Thirty-three electric models were released this year, and automakers like General Motors have plans for all-electric vehicle lines by the start of the next decade. By 2030, 22 million EVs are projected to be on American roads.

So, it's the perfect time for Autel to extend its advanced diagnostics coverage to electric vehicles with the introduction of the MaxiSYS MSUltra EV and the MS909 EV tablets. The MSUltra EV and the MS909 EV tablets offer comprehensive vehicle coverage for U.S., European and Asian electric, gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles. These tablets can scan all available systems, read and clear codes, display live data, perform bi-directional active tests, and code and perform adaptation on traditionally fueled and hybrid and electric vehicles.

The Ultra EV is a 12.9-inch touchscreen Android-based tablet with 256 GB of storage and features the MaxiFlash VCMI, a WiFi-and Bluetooth-enabled vehicle communication interface (VCI) with J2534 pass-thru programming capabilities and, is a 4-channel oscilloscope, multimeter, and CAN-bus tester. The MS909 EV is 9.7-inch touchscreen Android-based tablet with 128 GB of storage and features the MaxiFlash VCI, Bluetooth-enabled vehicle communication interface and J2534 pass-thru programming device. Expanded coverage includes 95 percent of existing electrified vehicles, including such popular EV manufacturers as BMW, Volkswagen/ Audi, Toyota, Honda, and Tesla.

The tablets' Hybrid and EV diagnostics capability is most important when discussing battery diagnosis. With the included EVDiag box and its set of adapters, the
technician can perform direct battery analysis if the standard communication network (via OBD) is either not unavailable on the vehicle or is not functioning.

The tablets can quickly display an all-in-one status of the battery pack's State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH), overall voltage and temperature, and a detailed analysis of each battery module. In addition to providing the battery's (SoC) capacity and the (SoH) current conductive and storage capacity as compared to when it was new, battery pack maintenance recommendations are provided based on the monitoring of voltage averages and differences as well as the maximum and minimum voltages of the battery module.

Another pain point for technicians working on electric and hybrid vehicles is the lack of detailed information about these many vehicle systems. Autel tablets provide a one-stop information source for all these vehicles with detailed battery information, including battery brand and module locations, and system block diagram with component introduction and connection, socket diagram, and disassembly guides.

Schematics of special battery connectors and jumper connections, cable selection prompts, safety precaution reminders, and detailed, safe operation guidelines are displayed.

Because of the inherent dangers of working with these high-voltage vehicles, Autel has provided in-depth safety information and step-by-step inspection guidance to ensure technicians can diagnose, service, and repair these vehicles safely and efficiently.

The tablets include an upgrade to Autel's Topology mapping capability. This feature displays the all-system module scan graphically, with colorcoded fault status and communication network protocol lines, enabling a more straightforward diagnosis of complicated vehicles. Currently, Topology mapping is supported on more than 50 vehicle makes, including VW/Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

Current users of MaxiSYS Ultra, MS919, and MS909 tablets can add the EV diagnostic coverage to their tablets by purchasing the EV Diagnostic Kit that includes the software subscription upgrade and EVDiag box with various connectors and adapters, including those needed to connect with VW/Audi, BMW and Tesla batteries.

Contact your authorized Autel dealer for information on these products.

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