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July 1, 2022

ETE REMAN produces industry-leading remanufactured transmissions.

ETE REMAN produces industry-leading remanufactured transmissions.

At ETE REMAN, the phrase “like new - only better” is more than a philosophy, it’s how we approach each step of our remanufacturing process. Where there’s an opportunity to improve the quality of an original part, we take it. We stand behind our products, and a transmission family that ETE REMAN is especially proud of is our 6F35 Automatic Transmission.

The Ford 6F35 is a fully automatic, electronically controlled six-speed front or all-wheel drive transaxle. The transaxle has a four-element torque converter including a converter clutch, and the 6F35 utilizes three planetary gear sets. The hydraulic system in this transmission uses seven electronically controlled solenoids for maximum efficiency.

Largely featured in Ford Escape and Fusion models, the 6F35 has roughly 2 million vehicles on the road, and continues to grow.

The 6F35 demand has doubled in the past three years, and is on pace to double again in 2022. With an average vehicle age of 6.5 years, we expect this trend to continue throughout 2024 before eventually leveling off. With stats like these, many consider the 6F35 one of the aftermarket’s most “up and coming” transmissions. Ford Escape allocations make up roughly 80% of the demand, likely based on a higher resale value. In the past 12 months alone, ETE REMAN has seen the 6F35 move into our top five family offerings, trailing only the pickup and large SUV-based families. ETE REMAN plans to continue to produce the best remanufactured transmissions in the industry, including growing with the market. With a stringent testing process and the industry’s best, no-hassle nationwide warranty, we ensure all your 6F35 needs (and more!) are covered.

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