Professional Automotive Training Reimagined

March 1, 2022

Help technicians increase their skills diagnosing, servicing and repairing today’s high-tech vehicles.

Virtual Classroom from Carquest Technical Institute® (CTI) and Worldpac Training Institute® (WTI) brings a new training experience to the aftermarket with live, instructor-led, interactive technical training in a virtual setting.  

Technicians, service writers and shop owners have a front-row seat watching industry experts provide live demonstrations featuring tool screens, service information, animations and live streaming video demonstrations delivered from the CTI+WTI Research and Development Center in Raleigh, N.C. and other instructor locations throughout North America. Attendees can ask questions and interact with multiple instructors during these sessions, allowing for a more engaging learning experience than standard virtual training formats.

Virtual Classroom helps technicians increase their skills diagnosing, servicing and repairing today’s high-tech vehicles in a format that uses technology in a new way—one that is innovative and engaging and offers the aftermarket a new standard to meet their training needs.

An extensive course catalog is available to solve training needs, from strengthening that newer technician through foundational and intermediate level content to keeping that experienced tech sharp with new technologies and techniques. New courses will be added to Virtual Classroom throughout 2022, as well as in-person training classes and self-paced online learning courses. Just a few samples of new training content launching in 2022 include:

  • Steering, suspension and alignment

  • Continual updates to both Domestic and Asian reprogramming training courses

  • Advanced PicoScope oscilloscope techniques, including transitioning successfully from Pico 6 to Pico 7 software

  • An electric vehicles training series

For more information on training programs from CTI and WTI visit, and enroll in a class today to see first-hand why Virtual Classroom is the most hands-on training available online.  


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