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July 31, 2019

Autoshop Solutions is more than a marketing company; it's an ally for your business.

What would you do with 10 extra hours per week?
That was the “dilemma” facing Jay Huh after his initial marketing campaign with  Autoshop Solutions. In 2014, he founded Jay’s Garage directly out of his home, expanded into a permanent shop in 2015, and grew again in 2016 into Carmedix, a six-bay shop operating out of Durham, N.C. Like many entrepreneurs, however, Huh wanted to do everything himself—especially the marketing.
“I was trying to get my SEO rankings up,” he says. “I did a ton of research on forums and made my own website. I even hired a contractor in India to do SEO; none of that worked.”
A self-described skeptic, Huh changed his tone shortly after being exposed to the Autoshop Solutions team at an industry conference in 2017. He had been struggling for years to get past page 5 on any Google search and decided to give Autoshop Solutions a try.
Within three months, he was on page 1. Then he rose to the top three results for auto repair shops in the Durham area, which is no easy task. 
“There are something like seventeen repair centers within a five-mile radius of my  shop,” Huh says.
“I surpass all of them in SEO rankings, and some have been around twenty or thirty  years.”

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Autoshop Solutions has been easing shop owners’ lives for over 20 years. Founder and CEO Danny Sanchez grew up turning wrenches in his father’s repair shop in California, and found where he really excelled was in marketing. Using his experience as a successful shop owner, Sanchez grew Autoshop Solutions into the full-service marketing juggernaut it is today, offering owners such as Huh multifaceted (and multimedia) marketing solutions. Autoshop Solutions provides uber-powerful marketing strategies to auto shops around the world, offering everything from tailor-made websites to SEO optimization, Google Ads, award-winning website design and development, custom video, marketing data management and more.

“I wanted the best and they provided it,” Huh says.

In 2016, Huh cites his total sales as around $320,000. By 2018 that number had doubled, and today Huh is tracking toward $750,000 in annual revenue.

“I knew it would take time, but I didn’t expect immediate gains within the first three months,” Huh says. “I was really hands-off on the whole thing, and they took care of me.”

Huh even shared a wall with a Meineke and Colonial Tire with a Precision Tune down the street, but Carmedix is thriving; the Meineke recently went out of business despite being there for almost a decade before Carmedix. 

“That’s how competitive our market is,” Huh says, concluding that working with Autoshop Solutions not only bolstered his standing in the market and lead to more revenue, but it helped keep him afloat as direct competitors—including the adjacent Meineke—folded under pressure.

In 2016, Huh’s ARO was only $150. Since switching to Autoshop Solutions, he’s seen that number rise to almost $500—more than a 250 percent increase.

“Where I advertised made a huge difference,” Huh says, “and my clientele did a complete 360.” Huh now enjoys customers who value his work more, come back when their car needs fixing and spend more money on a regular basis. 

Every morning, Huh enjoys checking the dashboard provided by Autoshop Solutions. He can see all the weekly, monthly and annual metrics regarding his custom website’s click rate, visitor numbers, how long they spent on the site and more. He can see his Google Ads budget at work and adjust accordingly. The dashboard also integrates with his phone system, recording all calls. Huh uses the recordings to work with his service advisors.

Autoshop Solutions also handles his mobile website, a fully realized and responsive version of the desktop site. They even handle all of his shop's social media, posting on Facebook and Twitter to draw attention to Carmedix and monitor the shop's online reputation.

“They even helped remove fake reviews that brought my score down,” Huh adds. 

Looking ahead, Huh is waiting for the perfect opportunity to expand. When he does, he knows who is there to help him. 

Who knows? Maybe an extra 10 hours a week is just the beginning.

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