Get the Next-Level of Easy with AutoZone's New Professional Edge

June 1, 2022
The latest innovations from easier ordering to faster delivery to maximize efficiency and profitability. 

Ordering parts can be one of the most time-consuming and potentially frustrating processes within your shop. Fortunately, there is an easier way to give your shop an advantage by utilizing new business tools and features with AutoZone’s New Professional Edge–a series of professional-focused solutions and technological advancements all designed to improve efficiency and profitability for the shop. For the past few years, AutoZone has made huge investments in resources developing these upgrades to respond to the opportunities and challenges shops face everyday with ordering parts, operations and adapting to the new norm. They truly have the ”edge” every shop needs.

Easier Parts Ordering

AutoZone's Professional Edge has taken ordering parts to the next level of ease, making searching, selecting, and estimating parts orders as fast and seamless as ordering a pizza online. For example, the website includes modern search functionalities that allow users to search for multiple parts at one time (belts, radiator, brakes) and they can search by images, keywords, or frequently ordered products. The search results will show everything on one, easy-to-read page and you can select what you need from there. The upgraded AutoZonePro. com mobile app not only lets you search and order parts anywhere, but you can also use the VIN scanner and License plate look-up to easily decode and search VINs or plates, ensuring you get the absolute right part delivered the first time.

Get all the parts you need for a job even faster with the “Search By Job” feature. There is a library of preset common jobs. Once you select the job you are working on, all the parts and supplies required for that repair are loaded for you to select exactly what you need–eliminating the need to search part by part, one-by-one. For frequently performed jobs specific to your shop, you can create your own “Custom Job” and add your own parts list to save for future use. users can also now search all the extended parts catalogs online. You can search for any part from AutoZone’s entire product selection, as well as non-stocked parts and parts from the Vendor Direct Parts (VDP) Network. Search results have accurate, multi-view images to verify that you get the right part, the first time.

After you locate the correct parts for each job, you can create professional, printable estimates right on the site or app. You can use this feature to store customer data or customize the estimate to include your shop's terms and services.

Faster Delivery

AutoZone’s expansion of locally-stocked parts throughout their extensive hub network ensures late-model parts can be delivered to shops faster than ever. Once ordered–either online or by phone–parts can be easily tracked through the new order tracking function on AutoZonePro. com. You can avoid idle tech time and better manage customers expectations, allowing you to operate more proactively. Accurately track multiple part orders to help optimize productivity.

The Professional Edge upgrades also included GPS technology that digitally maps out the fastest routes to your shop to ensure shorter, more efficient drive times from AutoZone stores and hubs to your shop.

Streamlined Account Management

With just one login, you can search and order all your parts plus access all your account management needs–no separate logins! The “Account Overview” tracks and displays all the vital areas of business, including due dates, payment preferences, and open credit. You can also use this quick dashboard–which is accessible any time, any place–to pay a bill or search transaction history (whether the transaction was made on the phone, online, or in person). With the online bill pay option, you can securely pay online and save your preferred payment methods for faster, more efficient ordering. Credit limit is adjusted instantly when payments are made; and your current balance, last payment, and past-due information are displayed in real-time during the bill pay process for full visibility.

Exclusive Pricing

Increase your shop’s efficiency and profitability by ordering all your parts in one place, letting AutoZone’s new Professional Edge innovations do the price shopping for you. This new feature is fueled by a market-based pricing approach to make sure you are getting the most competitive price. Not only is it priced to competitors, but also specific to your shop needs–and is designed to give you profitable pricing on the parts you buy most.

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