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Nov. 1, 2020 revolutionizes parts ordering and more

For almost twenty-five years, AutoZone has partnered with shop owners across the country to take care of their customers and to help provide the highest quality and most reliable repairs. This commitment to the customers has remained the driving force behind strategic decisions AutoZone has historically made to continually improve support for professionals and their businesses. In 1996 and 2007, two very important initiatives—the ALLDATA acquisition and launch of the commercial website,—revolutionized the industry from the manual, drawn-out processes of the past to the efficient, reliable and profitable operations we have grown accustomed to today. took the seemingly endless process of calling around and asking for parts and created a one-stop solution for faster, more efficient parts ordering. continues to innovate features for improving the experience for professionals, making it faster and simpler to use when compared to other platforms that require multiple logins and a Ph.D. to navigate. They are constantly researching emerging technology and automotive trends to develop new methods to deliver the best possible results for businesses. Not only are the functionalities designed to meet industry needs but they’re also compatible with many of the shop management systems in the market. And the best part is, it’s free. 

The old days of handwriting car info and part numbers (and not being able to see what you are ordering ahead of time) was a catalyst for innovation. Helpful features of include multiple images of parts, diagrams, detailed fitment and warranty information, labor information and intuitive search capabilities that sets it apart from the rest. The team is committed to providing a robust online experience so you, the professional, can quickly get your parts and focus more on serving your customer’s needs. offers these advantages:

  • Continuous 24/7/365 access from any location (with the mobile app)
  • Increase productivity with quicker, enhanced search abilities including instant lookup; track and order parts seamlessly with real time pricing and availability
  • Speed up repairs with best-in-class VIN and license plate decoding and ensure accurate part selection
  • More accessible and organized account management with the online Account Dashboard to retrieve or reprint any invoice from your transaction history and pay your bill online so that purchasing isn’t stopped by a credit limit

Bold new features on include:

  • Credit card checkout as a form of payment (including taxes, cores) and the ability to select delivery or pickup at store
  • New sorting ability, so parts in your closest store are shown first
  • Instant credit application process to reduce signup time
  • Bulk returns feature saves time by limiting the need to notify the store to return a purchase order 

The AutoZonePro mobile app is even more convenient and allows users to order parts from anywhere, including license plate and VIN scanning on the spot, and enables shops to manage their profitability in the palm of their hands. To start making your part lookups and ordering easier, download the AutoZonePro app by visiting either the Apple App Store or Google Play for Apple and Android devices. 

To help make repairs even easier, AutoZone is the exclusive provider of ALLDATA, the industry leading OE repair information solution. ALLDATA Repair provides automotive OEM diagnostic and repair information such as factory-direct diagrams, repair procedures, TSBs, DTCs, industry standard labor times and much more, all available in a single application on your mobile device or computer. 

ALLDATA offers many valuable repair solutions such as ALLDATA Shop Manager®, a new shop management tool to simplify creation of estimates, repair orders and invoices. It also enables you to start an estimate right from the parts and labor information in ALLDATA Repair, or toggle from a repair order in ALLDATA Shop Manager directly to the repair procedure in ALLDATA Repair for greater efficiency. 

Whether using or the mobile app to order parts, you candiagnose a new repair correctly the first time with ALLDATA. AutoZone supports every estimator, technician, service advisor and owner with a litany of industry-leading repair solutions. To tackle any problem and ensure maximum return for your shop (as well as superior speed, accuracy and profitability), download the AutoZonePro app today and fire up ALLDATA when the next repair arrives—after forty years of quality service, the future is bright.

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