AutoZone Heritage Timeline

July 24, 2018

The first Auto Shack opened on July 4, in Forest City, Ark. First day sales totaled $300.


Auto Shack opened an Express Parts warehouse in Memphis, Tenn., allowing customers to order thousands of "hard-to-find" parts not stocked in our stores. Today, this service evolved into our Vendor Direct Parts (VDP) program.


The commitment to customer service took its next step with the awarding of our first Extra Miler Award given to Memphis store manager Darren Reltherford. This award is the highest recognition AutoZone employees, better known as AutoZoners, can receive. This award continues to be presented to AutoZoners who go above and beyond to provide customers with WOW! Customer Service.


AutoZone introduced the first electronic catalog in our industry, replacing the racks of paper catalogs, and improving our customers' experience with faster service and simplifying the look-up process. This was an industry game changer.

Auto Shack was officially renamed as AutoZone.


We became the first auto parts supplier to register warranties in a national computer database, helping provide efficient and effective service and offering an added resource to professionals.


AutoZone Commercial began with a program specifically designed for Automotive Repair professionals.

AutoZone acquired ALLDATA, the first online OEM repair information company, to better service the needs of professionals.


In a quest to provide better customers service, DataZone opened to support our Commercial businesses through a wide range of activities.


The Hub store was developed to provide customers with access to more parts and speedier service.


AutoZone founder, Pitt Hyde, was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. Pitt set a standard as the first aftermarket retailer in the Automotive Hall of Fame.

 2007 launched to provide an easier, faster and more accurate way to order parts and have immediate access to availability and management tools.


Z-net®, AutoZone’s digital catalog, launched. Z-net® provides one-click repair guide information, product images, specifications and troubleshooting, making it easier, faster and more accurate to meet the increasing demands of the professionals’ customers.


AutoZone surpassed $1 billion in Commercial sales.


AutoZone opened the 4,000th Commercial Program location to be able to quickly and effectively service shops across the U.S.


AutoZone surpassed $2 billion in Commercial Sales, in just 5 years. Sales with automotive professionals doubled.

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