Saving time with Fitzall

Oct. 1, 2022

Fitzall’s universal, easy-to-install parts help you spend more time doing what you love.

Fitzall’s universal, easy-to-install parts help you spend more time doing what you love.

Time is our most valuable resource, and in our incredibly fast-paced world it is becoming increasingly hard to come by. Whether you need more time with your family or more time in the shop, Fitzall has the solution. 

Founded in 1981, Fitzall is dedicated to saving your shop time by providing easy to install, universal parts that will save your shop time. 

Although Teckpak-Fitzall was founded in 1981, its beginning can be tracked down to a mom-and-pop transmission shop in St Louis, Missouri in the 1960’s. 

Roger Swenson Sr. started out as a small business owner of Swenco transmission. He, like many others at the time, rigged up his own solutions to find the most efficient repair. These repairs were so much easier and effective that Roger Sr. decided to share his ‘widgets’ and start selling them to other shops having the same issues. 

Roger Swenson Sr. founded Teckpak-Fitzall in 1981, after many years of rebuilding transmissions in the St. Louis area. As he relocated both the retail transmission shop and his parts manufacturing business to Poplar Bluff, MO, he found the need to spend more and more of his time developing 'widgets'. After the elder Swenson suffered a stroke, his son Roger stepped up to head the business with all of his family in assisting roles. 

Although Swenco Transmission is no longer in operation, Fitzall is able to understand the struggles of being a small business and designs their products with these family businesses in mind. 

“Our main goal as a company is we want to save time and energy so that you can go back and go spend it with your family, just like our small family business that did it so that we could spend more time with our family,” says Alex Swenson, son of Roger Swenson Jr and Vice President of Fitzall. 

Fitzall does this by creating universal products that are easy to find, and easy to install. 

One of their most popular products is the GM shifter grommet kit. This kit is universal and can fit any GM transmission. “ If you can read the grill, you know you bought the right one,” says A Swenson. “You change what is about an hour job, into a five minute job.” 

This dramatic time savings allows you to make the most out of your time whether it’s throwing more units in the shop or spending time at home. 

Although there may be less expensive parts out there, the time saved with Fitzall allows you to increase your profit by getting more tickets in and out of the shop each day.

 “Our focus is on saving you the most time both in the buying process and in the installation process and reducing comebacks. ” 

Fitzall takes pride in manufacturing in Poplar Bluff Missouri, right where it all began. Designed and manufactured in the U.S., these products are created with the industry needs in mind. Roger Sr. developed product ideas from working in and around rebuilders. Although Fitzall is not working in the repair industry anymore, they still rely on feedback from rebuilders today to make sure they are creating easy to use, top quality products to make your job more efficient. 

“At the end of the day the best thing that I can help somebody with is trying to make their job easier and faster,” says A Swenson.

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