Updating Your Shop's Approach to Vehicle Filtration

Sept. 1, 2022

Helping Customers Improve Vehicle Filtration

Customers may wonder what the biggest threats are to their engines.

Heat is one for sure. But the other are tiny – often microscopic – particles. If these aren’t filtered thoroughly, they will accumulate inside the engine, which will increase friction, heat and lead to significant damage to internal engine components. In time, it will lead to complete engine failure.

That’s why when it comes to extending an engine’s life, protection is critical.

When most automotive enthusiasts think of FRAM®, oil filters are usually the product that comes to mind – the result of more than eight decades of providing dependable engine protection.

But technicians and shop staff should also know that FRAM® has quality lines of engine air and cabin air filters that provide advanced protection for the entire vehicle.

Helping Customers Improve Vehicle Filtration

Vehicle owners who always replace their filters at recommended intervals are ahead of the game, but they can take it to the next level with consistent improvement where it’s needed. FRAM’s oil filter products provide a range of application-designed protection, giving drivers many options to choose what’s best for their vehicle, driving habits and environmental conditions.

As an example, daily drivers who make regular commutes and never miss an oil change window will benefit from the reliability of FRAM Extra Guard® oil filters. On the other hand, drivers who deal with frequent stop and go traffic, towing or extreme weather conditions would need Tough Guard® oil filters, which are designed for 99% filtration efficiency for conventional or synthetic motor oils.

When it comes to the need for ultimate protection, FRAM Ultra Synthetic® oil filters are the ideal choice. These filters are optimized for use with synthetic oil and deliver dependable performance for both new and older engines for up to 20,000 miles.

Sometimes, though, customers may not realize that complete engine protection includes more than just selecting the right oil filter.

The engine air intake is the most common source for contaminants like dirt, road dust and other airborne particles to enter an engine. Therefore, a quality engine air filter is the best line of defense and a vital part of standard vehicle maintenance.

FRAM Ultra Air™ are premium air filters that prevent damaging particles from reaching the engine for up to four years or 40,000 miles at 99% efficiency. 

Not only will a quality air filter protect the engine, but replacement at the proper intervals can help improve acceleration, airflow and overall performance.

 Consider the Passengers

An engine’s internal parts are not the only things that are exposed to airborne contaminants. A vehicle’s ventilation system can introduce particles directly into the cabin, making passengers vulnerable to irritants like dust, pollen and numerous allergens.

Beginning in 2000, cabin air filters were introduced to provide cleaner and healthier air inside vehicles, and FRAM® has two premium products in this category.

FRAM TrueAir™ features an innovative dual-layer media with electrostatically charged material and anti-bacterial silver ion technology. The combination is designed to capture 95% of airborne virus-carrying particles (down to 0.3 microns) and inhibit mold and bacteria growth. This filter also effectively traps 99% of irritating dirt, dust and allergens including pollen.

FRAM FreshBreeze® is another cabin air filter option that traps up to 98% of airborne contaminants ranging from 5-100 microns. In addition, FreshBreeze filters offer deodorizing properties with Arm & Hammer® baking soda and activated carbon embedded in its filter media.

Regular cabin air filter replacement every 12 months or 12,000 miles is essential to keeping fresh air flowing in the vehicle without overworking the ventilation system.

FRAM® provides the right oil filters for any type of driving while also offering a full set of filtration products to keep contaminants under control in vital spaces.

FRAM® has a legacy of delivering leading technology and innovations that goes back decades. FRAM® delivers a full set of filtration products to keep contaminants under control in critical spaces. If you’re already protecting engines with quality engine air and oil filters, make sure passengers can ride comfortably with optimal cabin air filtration. Explore the full offering of trusted filters at fram.com.

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