What Does Premium Protection Look Like?

March 1, 2022

Identify the differences between filters that offer varying levels of protection and performance.

Automotive parts you can trust are indispensable. Aside from your technical know-how, they are the most important tool you have in delivering reliable service for your customers. Technicians and shop owners often have a preferred brand, but when it comes to filters, it isn’t just the name on the packaging that makes a difference.

If you take a closer look at an oil filter, there are a few key components that determine dependability and efficiency. There are also noticeable differences between filters that offer varying levels of protection and performance. Dissecting Ultra Synthetic®, the most premium offering from FRAM®, makes these differences clear.

The Anatomy of A Premium Oil Filter

Media is the place to start when analyzing how well an oil filter does its jobstopping particles from infiltrating, and damaging, internal engine components. A fiber and resin blend on a standard filter can offer a high filtration efficiency (95 percent in some cases) to help prevent engine wear, but synthetic media is going to be what you find in the most efficient filters. Greater structural strength to stand up to prolonged pressure from oil flow is also a hallmark of premium filters.

FRAM Ultra Synthetic® features two-ply media, one side a synthetic blend for structural support and the other a fully synthetic material for high efficiency. Not only is this filter built to deliver outstanding pressure resistance and flow spacing due to its structural capabilities, but it also provides 99+ percent filtration efficiency for optimal protection.

Though it works with all types of oil, the change interval of FRAM Ultra Synthetic® can be further extended when paired with full-synthetic oil. A filter service life of up to 20,000 miles and the extended oil life delivered by full-synthetic oil can be keep customer engines running cleaner for longer.

Also adding to this durability is an advanced high-temperature nitrile gasket at the filter’s base, an upgrade in material from the sealing gaskets on other filter models. At the other end of FRAM Ultra Synthetic®, proprietary SureGrip® coating provides a non-slip surface for easy installation and removal.

This filter would not be complete without its precision relief and anti-drainback valves. Respectively, these mechanical components are engineered to assist with consistent oil flow and ensure safe engine startups via advanced hot oil resistance.

Where Does FRAM Fit for Your Customers?

FRAM Ultra Synthetic® helps drive performance in newer engines and maximize protection for older ones. This filter choice is an ideal recommendation for consumers looking to get the most from their investment in full-synthetic oil.

FRAM® not only provides the right oil filter for any type of driving, but also delivers a full set of filtration products to keep contaminants under control in critical spaces. Oil flow, engine air filtration and clean cabin air can all be protected with FRAM® filters.

The company has a legacy that goes back decades, but FRAM® is always working to stay ahead of the curve. This passion for protecting vehicles is what pushes filtration innovation for the road ahead. Explore the full product lineup at fram.com.

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