A Quicker Diagnosis

April 5, 2018
With an extensive database of real-world and OEM repair information, Direct-Hit helps shops make the diagnosis and repair in less time

With all of the data, tools, and information necessary, Direct-Hit by Identifix helps shops save time on each and every repair. It helps shops bring in more cars, add to their bottom line, all the while ensuring the best possible repair.

“Identifix is the best we’ve used, I would recommend it to every shop owner,” says Arnold Rodriguez, owner of Rodriguez Brothers Auto Service in Miami.

Doug Fox, owner of Fox Automotive in Green Mountain, N.C., agrees.

“I’d say it’s cut our diagnosis time in half and saved between 6–8 hours per week,” Fox says.


Direct-Hit is a web based software that offers the most-up-to-date, experienced-based OEM service and repair information possible. With information on over 98% of vehicles—users have all of the information they’ll need at their fingertips.

Direct-Hit’s key features include:

  • Remove/replace procedures
  • Labor guides
  • Estimating Tools
  • Component locations
  • Interactive, full color wiring diagrams
  • Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Technical service bulletins
  • Specs and capacities

But the biggest feature that sets Direct-Hit apart? Their confirmed fix archive. A database of more than 1 million confirmed fixes and shortcut test procedures that have been gathered from real-world technicians through their live repair hotline.

Making the Switch

Both Rodriguez and Fox tried different software in their shops before switching to Identifix. They each decided to switch it up after hearing good things about Direct-Hit from others in the industry. Rodriguez has used Identifix for three years and Fox close to six.

“I’ve never had anything that worked as well as Direct-Hit does,” Fox says.

Rodriguez says it was simple to set up and that everything was ready to go after only an hour of training.

“Identifix has more information that what I used before. It makes my job easy. Before, it took me 2–3 hours to diagnose a vehicle,” Rodriguez says. “With Identifix, it only takes me 20 minutes.”

Fox says that it offers more direction than his previous system, which has saved time, allowing him to get more vehicles in and out, causing his revenue to increase.

Seeing the Results

Since switching to Direct-Hit, Rodriguez estimates that he’s seen his business increase about 20 percent, bringing in an additional 10–15 vehicles each week with the amount of time that he’s saved with diagnostics. Fox says since making the switch, he’s seen his revenue increase and his cycle time decrease.

Both Fox and Rodriguez say that the colored wiring diagrams is a feature that they particularly like and that sets Direct-Hit apart from the competition.

“With other systems, you just see black-and-white diagrams and you have to look at the key to figure out which is the blue wire,” Fox says. “With Identifix, it will actually be blue.”

Rodriguez agrees and says that the colored diagrams have made his job easier and allowed him to find everything quicker.

Fox adds that the ability to print out a professional-looking estimate has helped create trust between himself and his customers and allowed him to sell more jobs.

Ongoing Support

“They’re so quick to respond,” Rodriguez says. “I send an email and they reply within 20 minutes.”

Identifix is always looking for ways to improve its product and is very receptive to suggestions. It also provides continual support for any of its customers that have technical questions. Its Virtual Technician service features OE factory-trained, ASE Master, L1 Carline Specialists that are ready to assist.

“Identifix is top-notch, they’re a great company to deal with,” Fox says. “I would recommend it to anyone that’s considering it.”

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