The Network Academy and The Group Training Academy Merge

May 6, 2021
The merger represents a juggernaut of training opportunities.

Q: What do you get when two noted training academies decide to join forces?

A: An on-demand, live and virtual training juggernaut poised to empower shops, technicians, service advisors and owners in previously unfathomable ways. This spring, The Network Academy merged with The Group Training Academy and there are exponentially more options available for users of both networks.

“By merging The Group Training Academy and The Network Academy, our members and banner shops will benefit from an extensive variety of training opportunities, including the most comprehensive learning management system in the aftermarket,” says Phil Moore, senior vice president, Federated Auto Parts. “We understand the importance of training in our industry and are focused on continuously enhancing The Group Training Academy. With so much new content, we are very excited about what the future brings.” 

“Online training is a robust part of The Group Training Academy,” says Mark Lowry, director of marketing for The Pronto Network, “but we’re also offering on-demand, leader-led training sessions. We can train in a shop, in a warehouse or in a vo-tech setting. Wherever students can be reached, we will be there.” 

Combined with partners such as Automotive Video Innovations (AVI), the opportunity to leverage a broader network of professionals, resources and experiences will only benefit all those who take advantage of the new supergroup’s vast training options.

 “All of the training on The Network Academy is being moved over,” Moore says. “The Network Academy had unique content; The Group Training Academy had unique content. Now, their efforts have been combined and there’s more training and education available for everyone.”

The expanded opportunity is nothing short of exponential. Collectively, the merger offers over 1,000 courses and 5,000 lessons available, coupled with over a thousand hours of video training and hundreds of how-to videos from vendor partners. 

“This joint effort creates a new powerhouse in training for American technicians and shop owners," Lowry continues, "and combining resources between both organizations will offer exponential value and growth to all. There’s really nothing else out there like it!”

What’s more, the merger doesn’t stop new and ongoing training initiatives; rather, it galvanizes the team to provide even more unique options. Under the umbrella of The Group Training Academy, current Parts Plus and Auto Pride members can expect some new features and opportunities:


  • 250+ new training videos/courses

    • 100+ webinars from AVI and contributing manufacturers

    • 100+ contributing vendor videos

    • 39 courses from Bosch

    • 12 premium AVI courses from 2021 with 12 more scheduled for the remainder of the year

    • ZF Aftermarket training courses

  • Access to the AVI hybrid cutaway training vehicle

  • Electude Automotive Essentials and Electric Drive modules in 35 languages

  • Automotive Management Network premium access


Under the same umbrella, current Pronto members can expect:

  • 139 Counterman Education Center videos with 2 new videos added weekly

  • Exclusive ADAS and GDI courses from AVI

  • 50+ contributing vendor videos

  • SMP Spanish courses

  • SW Service Solutions - Shop Owner Training Videos

    • 48 video/courses; 6 bundle packages; monthly subscriptions and monthly live webinars

  • Repair Shop Coach - Shop Owner Training videos

    • Car Count Now bundle; new weekly training videos and monthly shop owner training videos

  • 12-part C-1 ASE Test training series for service advisors releases in Q4 of 2021

  • The Reinvention Pro - Member’s sales training

    • Live webinar trainings and in-person training for outside sales representatives


From a training perspective, you couldn’t ask for anything more. Or could you? To see the latest live training available (and exponentially larger content available from the all-new The Group Training Academy, please click here.

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