Your Good Reputation Is One of Your Most Important Assets

Nov. 1, 2020

In today’s Five-Star review culture, it only takes one unhappy customer to give your shop a black eye. Choosing Toyota Genuine Parts for your repairs can help.

When Parts Fit

  • Repairs go smoothly,
  • Vehicles are fixed right the first time, and
  • Customers are happy.

That makes for less comebacks⁠—and more stars!


More Applications

BIG NEWS: Toyota has recently added more model applications to the line-up: Toyota Genuine Radiators and Condensers are now available for more than 80 percent of Toyota vehicles on the road. This exceptional product line offers your shop and your customers the perfect combination of:

  • Exact fit
  • Superior quality
  • Proven reliability, and
  • Attractive price.

Designed, tested, and approved by Toyota engineers, Toyota Genuine Radiators and Condensers are backed by Toyota’s full warranty. That all adds up to repair confidence for you—and peace-of-mind for your customers.


Minimal Hassle–Maximum Efficiency

By choosing Toyota Genuine Radiators and Condensers for your repairs, you’ll have everything you need to start the job the minute you receive the part from your Toyota Dealer. That’s because your Toyota Dealer Parts Manager fulfills your order with all the ancillary parts you’ll need, straight out of the box. With an estimated fill rate of 98-99 percent, you’ll receive your Toyota Genuine Radiator or Condenser and all necessary fitments within 24 hours. All it takes is one quick phone call to your Toyota Dealer to help maximize efficiency and ensure the highest quality repair.


Tried, Tested and Toyota-True

Toyota Genuine Radiator and Condenser product performance was evaluated through a series of tests before coming to market, including:

  • Radiated performance
  • Pressure tests, and
  • Vibration tests.

In-vehicle testing was conducted both in a dyno-controlled environment and outdoors on the California desert’s infamous Baker Grade. Excelling under the rigorous scrutiny of Toyota engineers, the product line meets the quality standards of original equipment and is brought to you at competitive prices that meet insurance companies’ budgets. It’s a win for all.


A Genuine Twist on the MVP

Toyota Genuine Radiators and Condensers are destined to become your Most Valuable Parts (MVPs). But the fair pricing of this product line gives another true meaning to MVP: Market Value Priced. Toyota brings its new radiator and condenser product line to you at exceptionally attractive prices, with radiators priced from under $115 MSRP and condensers priced from under $120 MSRP. Remember: these prices are for Toyota Genuine Parts. Now that’s MVP, no matter how you slice it!


Stress-free Repair Starts Here

Let Toyota focus on the part, so you can focus on the repair! One phone call to your Toyota dealer, and you’ll receive everything you need to complete a quality repair in a timely manner: the right part, at the right time, at the right price. What could be better for your business than confident, satisfied Toyota owners who are happy to spread the good word about their experience? Reach for the stars with Toyota Genuine Radiators and Condensers, available from your Toyota dealer.


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