OEF3 Brake System Components for Professional Service Centers

July 1, 2022

High quality components built to last

OEF3 products are engineered to fi t right the first time with design that matches or exceeds original equipment. 

OEF3 brake components includes pads, rotors, E-coated rotors and calipers. OEF3 pads are engineered to match OE design in positive mold, backing plate, slotting and chamfers. Semi-metallic and ceramic formulations are engineered for an ultra-quiet, low-dust performance with exceptional stopping power and reliable performance. Our positive molding process uses 40 metric tons per cavity, per cylinder to produce a dense, long-lasting puck. High-quality chamfers improve pad seating and increase durability, while the slot design allows for heat and dust dissipation. All pads include rubber-coated shims to eliminate vibration and noise. Advanced coating on precision-cut backing plates maximizes corrosion protection.

OEF3 premium rotors and E-coated rotors are developed from OE samples and follow OE design. They are double-disc ground to provide a true non-directional finish which facilitates quick bedding of the pad to the rotor. Double-disc grinding also ensure parallelism, eliminates run out and provides consistent disc thickness variation. CNC machining operation provides a smooth, vibration-free stop.

OEF3 E-coated rotors undergo a true electrostatic E-coat dipped application process to provide complete coverage and long-lasting corrosion protection. Premium gray E-coat finish provides a high quality appearance for open wheel designs.

OEF3 premium rotors and E-coated rotors are available for late model and hard-to-fi nd applications including Domestic, Asian and European coverage.

OEF3 brake calipers feature state of the art assembly and are thoroughly tested to ensure consistent quality. Remanufactured to OE specifications, these friction-ready calipers contain the highest new part content in the industry.

OEF3 brake pads carry a 36-month / 36,000-mile warranty; OEF3 calipers and rotors carry a 24-month / 24,000-mile warranty. All OEF3 brake components are distributed exclusively through Worldpac and Autopart International

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