Snap-on Releases New Diagnostic Thermal Imager

Sept. 14, 2016

Sept. 14, 2016—Snap-on announced Tuesday the launch of its new diagnostic thermal imager EETH300. 

The new imager uses infrared technology to to make heat visible, allowing technicians to see problems they wouldn’t normally be able to see such as from brakes, heaters, air conditioning, engine performance, electrical and bearings.

“Since most vehicle faults aren’t visible to the naked eye, the EETH300 is one of those special products that will open technicians’ eyes to a new way of finding faults by making it possible to ‘see’ heat,” Mark Schaefer, Snap-on Diagnostics director of marketing, said. “Using infrared imaging technology, the Diagnostic Thermal Imager reveals the source of the heat to track the faults, including bearing wear, friction, brake heat, misfires, electrical impedance, refrigerant flow, coolant blockage and fluid flow. Technicians will see hot and cold areas of the vehicle components like never before and identify both functioning and non-functioning components easily for a much faster diagnosis.”

The thermal imager comes with a database of guided tests, automotive applications and reference images. It can reveal dragging brakes, heated seats, misfiring cylinders and more, showing temperatures up to 840 degrees with automatic scaling for everything in the image. Snap-on said it can also save and store images so the customer can be better convinced to order a repair. 

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