Report Forecasts 2015 Outlook for Global Automotive Aftermarket

April 10, 2015

April 10, 2015—According to a report from Research and Markets, global vehicles in operation will increase sharply over the 2015–2020 period, driving new opportunities for light vehicle parts and service providers.

This research compiles findings from various deliverables published over the past two years. It covers growth prospects for the global automotive aftermarket in North America, Europe, China, India and Latin America. The research includes vehicles in operation analysis, revenue forecasts, and top parts and service providers by region. It also includes an analysis of Mega Trends impacting the global automotive aftermarket, with a specific focus on electronic parts retailing. Conclusions and future outlook are presented for each region.

Increasing average age of vehicles was the main growth driver in developed regions. This is resulting in higher repair bills for motorists keeping their aging vehicles for several more years. Demand for routine maintenance parts such as tires, filters, and brakes grew sharply in emerging regions such as Asia and Latin America to service the high growth in new vehicles in operation. Demand for electrical and mechanical parts ranging from sensors, fuel injectors, steering gears and telematics/infotainment receivers will enjoy high growth in developed regions as a large share of vehicles in operation (VIO) enters the prime replacement age for life-of-vehicle repairs.

Fragmented distribution was observed in Asia and Latin America, with networks of small retailers serving garages and workshops in Latin America and parts of Asia. Growth of auto part cities, in China, which are similar to flea markets in the United States featuring small wholesale vendors clustered together are set to provide coverage of major aftermarket products. High growth is anticipated for e-retailers as the Internet becomes a major distribution channel for tires, accessories and other do-it-yourself products.

OES channel enjoys high share of parts and services in Asia but remains weak in Europe and the Americas. Tire stores, fast-fits, and lube-oil-filter chains will enjoy high growth in developed regions as more vehicle owners look for lower-priced service options. Independent repair facilities face challenges keeping pace with changes in vehicle technologies and the tools, equipment and training to repair them. Many mom-and-pop shops will be forced out of business.

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