Mini-Ductor Venom

Feb. 1, 2017
Illinois shop owner reviews flameless dent removal tool


Cost: $600    

Uses: Removing parts    

Training: In-person demonstrations, how-to-use video available

The Shop

Zoran Sarich’s Car Smart Automotive in East Dundee, Ill., does a little bit of everything. The 14-bay shop performs mechanical work and also has a small body shop attached. The shop sees about 300 cars per month between both segments. 

The Reviewer

Sarich has owned the shop for 20 years and describes himself as a “tool guy.” He says he’s always on the lookout for the next big tool that will make his shop more successful and efficient, which is what led him to purchase the Mini-Ductor Venom from Induction Innovations. Sarich had purchased an old model of the inductor over 10 years ago. When he needed it fixed, he contacted Tom Gough, founder of Induction Innovations. Sarich saw the newest models and he was impressed with the Mini-Ductor Venom’s portability and attached LED light, so he made the investment and brought it back to his shop. 

How it Works

The Mini-Ductor Venom generates invisible heat, a term trademarked by Induction Innovations that refers to the lack of flame the product emits, to remove objects that are stuck, such as a nut or bolt that is too tight. The first step is to find the right size coil to use on the stubborn nut or bolt. Then, place the coil on the object you want to remove and pull the trigger to start the heat. Within a few seconds, it heats up. After it’s heated, a wrench can be used to unscrew the item. 

The Review

Before purchasing the Mini-Ductor, Sarich would have to drill or grind down parts that had to be removed on vehicles that had plastic components. The plastic made it so he could not use an open flame, and the time and effort it took to get these parts off was causing Sarich’s shop to be less efficient. The Mini-Ductor eliminated the need for grinding and drilling and since there’s no open flame, Sarich no longer had to worry about the danger of a flame around plastic components.  

Sarich says that the Venom typically is used 15 times per week at his shop. The Venom can be used on any job where there’s a frozen bolt. The Venom is also used in the body shop at Car Smart Automotive and Sarich says he would recommend it to anyone in the automotive industry. 

The portable design and weight of the Mini-Ductor and the attached LED light are Sarich’s favorite features. Being able to put the Venom under the hood has made life easier for Sarich and the fact that there’s no open flame keeps everyone in the shop safe and gives him peace of mind. 


Sometimes, a part that is difficult to remove ends up getting broken. Depending on what part that is, Sarich says that the Mini-Ductor Venom can pay for itself in one job by keeping the part intact. The Venom also saves Sarich when it comes to filling up his oxygen acetylene tank. He used to have to do it once or twice per month, which would set him back $200–$300 each time. Now, he hardly ever needs to fill up the tanks since the Venom doesn’t use an open flame. 

The Venom also saves him time. Instead of having to pull out the torches and drag them over to the vehicle, the Venom simply needs to be picked up and plugged in, turning a 5-10 minute job into one that takes a minute or less. 

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