Johnson Controls Unveils Lightweight Vehicle Interior Solutions

Jan. 13, 2015

Jan. 13, 2015—Johnson Controls, a global multi-industry company, unveiled its latest lightweight automotive product solutions at the 2015 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) at Detroit's Cobo Center this week.

"Helping automakers meet the upcoming industry environmental and fuel economy requirements has been a key driver of our interior product and process innovations," Han Hendriks, vice president of advanced product development and sales, Johnson Controls Automotive Interiors, said in a release. "We continuously work to develop new process technologies and advanced, competitive products to meet the needs of our customers."

Some of the latest processes and products include:  

  • CHyM (compression hybrid molding): a single-step, lightweight and renewable process technology, utilized in the development of door panels, floor consoles and instrument panels with a 40 percent weight reduction and increased stability

  • Two Color Foil: enables a two-color surface on one piece of cover stock, giving the door panel a more luxurious look and reducing its overall mass

  • Thin TPO Foil (Foam-in-Place): an industry-leading lightweight skin solution which represents a significant mass reduction of 50 to 70 percent, that provides a durable, blemish-free surface with no scoring needed, guaranteeing a quality appearance

  • Soft Tambour Door Armrest: a wrapped, soft-surface component, with up to 30 percent weight savings, enhances styling and craftsmanship with new horizontal and vertical adjustability for improved occupant comfort; and

  • Slim Overhead Console: offers the functions of a traditional overhead console with a 55–80 percent overall size reduction compared to conventional components, creating a more spacious feel

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