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Aug. 25, 2021
Take a closer look at a vehicle that’s very likely ending up in your shop.

Aug. 25, 2021—It’s one of the best-selling sedan models in history. Plus, the Toyota plant in Kentucky recently produced its 10 millionth model

With that in mind, take a closer look at a vehicle that’s very likely ending up in your shop. Here are the news and specs related to the 2021 Toyota Camry. 

Updated ICE Model

Toyota made only small changes for the 2021 model year, altering some of the trim options and changing up the tablet touchscreen inside. There are also some styling updates on the exterior that collision repairers might note.

There are 13 different trim and powertrain combinations for gasoline-powered Camry vehicles, which should provide plenty of options for buyers. That includes four and six-cylinder engine options and AWD systems for select trims.

The four-cylinder is a 2.5-liter power plant with an aluminum alloy block and head. The six-cylinder is a 3.5-liter engine of the same construction material. Both options come with eight-speed automatic transmissions.

The all-wheel-drive systems debuted in the 2020 model year for Camry, and Toyota expects that these will make up around 15 percent of 2021 model year sales. Toyota’s system is designed to engage in a dynamic way to aid in fuel economy.

“When AWD isn’t needed, the electromagnetic controlled coupling on the rear drive axle can disengage the propeller shaft to prioritize fuel efficiency. The AWD is designed to re-engage in an instant when needed and its operation is transparent to the driver and passengers,” according to Toyota.

Hybrid Option

The hybrid powertrain for Camry pairs the 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine with a main electric motor, as well as a secondary electric motor for battery charging. The internal combustion engine in the hybrid setup has a higher compression ratio, according to the company.

The horsepower ratings are 176 for the gasoline engine and 118 for the electric motor.

This system also employs an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (CVT), which Toyota says can be set to mimic the shifting of a six-speed paddle shifter.

ADAS Features

Toyota’s ADAS features, called Safety Sense, debuted at level “2.5+” in the 2021 Camry. 

This includes enhanced pedestrian detection that will “not only the vehicle ahead but also a preceding bicyclist in daytime and even a preceding pedestrian in low-light conditions,” according to Toyota. The system is also improved for intersection operations.

One ADAS option is a dynamic cruise control function that can automatically take the Camry from full speed to a stop and then back up to speed again, relative to another vehicle in front.

Other features include lane departure warnings, automatic high beams, road sign assist, rear seat reminder, and blind spot monitor.

Image: Toyota

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