Kukui CEO on Mission to Visit 1000 Shops

Sept. 18, 2017

Kukui's CEO has embarked on the third leg of his project to visit 1000 auto repair shops. 

Sept. 18, 2017—Kukui Corporation has announced that its CEO, Todd Westerlund, has embarked on the third leg of his year long project to visit over 1000 auto repair shops to hear and see first hand how shop owners across the country achieve success.

Kukui’s mission is to help auto repair shops be successful and grow. Last summer, Westerlund ambitiously set out to visit 100 shops in 100 days. The plan was to hit the streets and gather feedback directly from shop owners, whether they were Kukui customers or not, and hear first hand what made them successful and understand what else they needed to continue that success.

After those first few weeks, it became apparent that the scope of this project needed to grow to reach shops across the country. So, with the deployment of the Kukui Van, a Mercedes Sprinter wrapped in the Kukui logo, Westerlund set out to visit at least 1000 shops in 2017.  

“I worked in the shop for over 15 years, and have used that experience to help me drive the vision of Kukui,” said Westerlund. “But, there is such a valuable wealth of expertise in the minds and hearts of our customers that I had to go out and hear it first hand.”

Next week Todd will embark on the 3rd leg of the tour taking the Kukui Van from North Carolina up the East coast visiting dozens of shops throughout Virginia, Maryland, DC, and New York. Finally, the tour makes a final run back across the middle of the country reaching  Chicago on September 24 for the Ratchet and Wrench Conference where the company will announce the next generation of their All-in-One Success Platform. These most recent updates are based exclusively on feedback from this nationwide tour.  

You can follow Todd and his progress with the Kukui tour on facebook at facebook.com/kukuicorporation/

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