NACAT Receives Donation from QuickTrick Alignment

Aug. 22, 2016

Aug. 22, 2016—The North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT) Education Foundation announced that QuickTrick Alignment donated 12 alignment kits for educators. 

The donations will be distributed to educators through scheduled raffles starting on Sept. 15, and continuing through June 20, 2017. The NACAT Education Foundation will host the 12 raffles and QuickTrick Alignment will ship the donation to the winning educator. 

“We are pleased that SEMA referred the NACAT Education Foundation to QuickTrick Alignment as a means by which to get products in front of educators,” NACAT Education Foundation executive director James Curry said. “The donations will help educators train the next generation of technicians while also bringing added value to NACAT membership. It is only through such donations that the NACAT Education Foundation can truly meet its mission of providing scholarships and grants, primarily for the improvement of automotive education, to teachers, schools, and students of automotive and related technologies. We, and the educators, thank Alignment Simple Solutions for their generosity."

The donations include the QuickTrick Total Package Pro, QuickTrick QuickSlide Total Package, and QuickTrick FleetSlide System. 

“We realized the need to simplify the alignment process way back in 2010 when we made the first QuickTrick kit. Our tools allow students and others to understand the three primary angles of alignment without the complexity and intimidation of thousands of dollars in equipment”, said Gary Gann, inventor of the QuickTrick Alignment Product line. “Anyone can use our tools once they have a basic understanding of the foundations of vehicle alignment.”

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