WEBINAR: Advance Professional - Integrating EV Service into Your Shop...Profitably

Sept. 15, 2022
Integrating EV Service into Your Shop...Profitably

Electric vehicle owners are all about how far they can travel and how much energy they are using to get there. This means that some of the most important services on an EV are around maintaining the items that emphasize efficiency. Electric vehicles open up new services that are not typically found on gas powered vehicles. This webinar will cover the misconceptions around capturing EV customers and uncover the profitable opportunities that adopting EV services into your shop will bring.

In this webinar you'll learn:

1. Learn the misconceptions around capturing new EV customers.

2. Uncover service and repair opportunities that come with adopting EV services.

3. Steps on how to prepare for adopting EV services.

4. Tips for understanding EV customers and the service they expect.


David Giles  [email protected] 902.229.9906

Dave has over 35 years' experience in the transportation industry. Dave co founded the largest second hand electric vehicle store in Canada, ALL EV Canada Inc.

The rapid success of ALL EV resulted in Steele Auto Group acquiring the business in August of 2021 and receiving the National award Canada Electric Vehicle Dealer of the year.
Dave continues to work with electric vehicles as the training and Development Manager for the Steele Auto Group. Dave also sits on the board of directors as a member for the Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency. 
Dave also holds an Interprovincial Red Seal in Automotive and is seen globally as a subject matter expert for electric vehicles in education, innovation, and service. 
Dave also worked for CTI as a regional trainer and has owned his own technical training company. Dave also worked as a faculty instructor at the Nova Scotia Community College for over 10 years, during that time, he was instrumental in helping develop and deliver training programs for industry partners. Dave also continues to help the transportation industry in new product innovation, consulting, and training.