WEBINAR: From Trained to Retained

July 29, 2021
Watch Valvoline's most recent webinar to learn the link between effective employee training and retention.

Effective training and development are critical in ensuring new hires are set up for success. New hires, however, are often neglected after those first few months; with employee turnover being an evergreen issue, it is increasingly important to hire the right people from the start. Utilizing both new-hire training and on-going development programs are vital in ensuring your business success.  

If you’re interested in delivering the training that your team needs and deserves, Valvoline can help. After more than 150 years, we get it.

In this webinar sponsored by Valvoline you will learn how to:

  • Pick the Right People: Attitude versus Aptitude, which is more important? 
  • Start Strong: You’ve found the right people, now what? 
  • Maintain Momentum: How do you build a program to grow and keep existing employees?


Steve Price

Sr. Training and Development Leader, Valvoline Inc.

Steve Price is a Senior Training and Development Leader with extensive experience working with all organizational levels creating, promoting, and delivering training solutions designed to support the organization’s business plan. He joined Valvoline in 2007 and enjoys creating an interactive and enjoyable business environment that supports learning. Price holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Ambassador University in Pasadena, CA and an MBA from The University of Texas at Tyler. 

Lindsay Fleege 

Key Account Program Lead, Valvoline Inc.

Lindsay Fleege is the Key Account Program Lead for Valvoline Global Products North America and has been with the company for 3.5 years. In that time, she has led numerous training projects for the Global Products sales team and delivered countless product-based, sales, and soft skill instructor-led training in the US and globally, most recently in the Netherlands. Before joining the Valvoline team, Lindsay worked in sales and sales training for 10 years at Total Quality Logistics. At TQL, she built and managed a profitable book of business then was promoted into sales training and quickly rose through the ranks of training leadership. She also worked as a Middle School Teacher for 4 years. Lindsay holds a BS in Education from Miami University. 

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