Autel’s IA800: Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System

March 1, 2021

Expansion package enables vehicle-to-frame placement in as little as 1 minute.

Autel’s new IA800, Intelligent ADAS optical positioning system, enables technicians to drastically cut the setup process prior to ADAS component calibration. The IA800, employs six high resolution cameras and ADAS positioning software, to transform Autel’s Standard Calibration frame into a rapid yet precise frame centering and vehicle distancing unit, enabling technicians to accomplish frame to vehicle placement in minutes.

Wheel clamps with camera targets are attached to the rear wheels and a standing target component is placed in the front or to the side of the vehicle, depending on the vehicle make, model and year. The MaxiSYS tablet, now placed securing on the frame, is paired with the cameras.

The system recognizes the positioning targets and calculates the current angle, distance and offset position of the frame to the vehicle. The technician simply follows the onscreen instructions to move the frame or adjust its angel until the current values match the required values. A green check mark displays for each parameter once the required position values are achieved. That’s it, the vehicle is ready for calibration. Compare that setup with one using mechanical tools such as plumb bobs and measuring tape that take 40 minutes on the average.

Added value to the system is its alignment Pre Check capability that uses the IA800’s camera system and targeted wheel clamps attached to all four wheels to determine the vehicle’s current alignment specifications and compare them with the vehicle manufacturer’s allowed tolerances. Ensuring a vehicle is correctly aligned, especially one that has been involved in even a minor collision, is essential to ensuring a correct ADAS component calibration. If within OE-specified tolerances, the technician can proceed to optical positioning of the frame to the vehicle. If the vehicle is shown to be out of the OE’s tolerance range, a 4-wheel alignment is recommended. The IA800 system is incredibly user-friendly with the tablet displaying vehicle- specific, step by step instructions for the technician. It’s a true game-changer for pre-calibration setup in both speed and accuracy.

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