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June 11, 2020—IMR Inc. has released an update specific to COVID-19 to its original findings from a February report, focused on the top challenges for independent repair shops and technicians in 2020, according to a press release.

Prior to the official categorization of COVID-19 as a global pandemic on March 11, IMR Inc. surveyed independent automotive repair shops and technicians to ask what they saw as their top challenges for 2020, according to the release. Between May 4 and May 29, 500 independent automotive repair shops were surveyed to provide new perspective on the challenges that shops and technicians anticipate facing for the duration of the year.

Overall, 84 percent of shops reported a decrease in revenue, with 54.6 percent reporting staff reductions, and 86.8 percent reporting pay reductions.

Out of urban, suburban and rural areas, rural shops had the largest staff reduction at 57.9 percent and 80 percent of shops with eight or more bays also reduced staff, in contrast with shops that have one to three bays (42.6 percent) and shops with four to seven bays (52.8 percent).

IMR Inc. asked shops what they believe are their top challenges for the remainder of 2020 given this unexpected change to business due to the pandemic, and while maintaining social distance, staying in business and returning to normal operating hours are important, shops are also concerned with getting parts on time and finding suppliers with parts in stock. These challenges, in turn, are also leading shops to anticipate adjustments in how they do business in order to keep prices affordable for customers.

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