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On a Tuesday morning in Medina, Ohio, an elderly woman came into Mighty Auto Pro for car help, and mentioned that her dog had passed away. Immediately, Marketing Director Leigh Anne Best made a note to send her a sympathy card once she left.

This kind of care is exactly why Mighty Auto Pro has become so renowned for their customer service. How a business deals with its clients can make or break their experience, so Ratchet+Wrench talked to Best to get her tips on how to have outstanding customer service.

Have Good Phone Etiquette

“The phone is critical in most cases, especially in the auto repair industry. That's their first point of contact, the phone,” says Best. 

Since a phone call is the customer’s first experience with your business, it's imperative that they feel they’re being taken care of. Best believes a customer should be talking to a live person within three rings, which means never giving customers a “phone tree” or putting them on hold when they call.

It’s important that the customer feels they’re being listened to on the call, Best says. A phone call sets the tone for the rest of a customer’s experience, so you want to make sure to leave a good first impression.

Pay Attention to Detail

Best believes that Mighty Auto Pro’s acute attention to detail is what has made their customer service stand out from others. 

“We really don’t leave any stones unturned,” she says.

At every appointment, customers fill out a detailed form detailing their schedules and preferences for pick-up and drop-off. Mighty Auto Pro then diligently works to respect their customer’s time and make a plan that is convenient for the customer. Something that may seem as simple as arranging the details of pick-up and drop-off can make a huge difference in the customer’s experience.

Going even further, employees listen for small mentions, like birthdays, retirements, or the aforementioned loss of a pet. They send out cards and well wishes to customers based on these seemingly passing comments, which makes the customers feel extra cared for. 

“We probably send out four to six cards a week here at Mighty Auto. Whatever it is we're always listening for clues,” Best says. 

Clear Communication

When dealing with cars, Best believes that actively listening to the customer and clearly stating what you’ll do to fix any problems is crucial to making the customer feel confident in your service.

“It's all about listening, letting the customer talk, not talking over the customer, and most importantly, repeating back to the customer what you believe their message to you to be,” Best says. 

By communicating your work to the customer in a straightforward manner, the customer will trust your work. Best believes that clear communication is the key to keeping customers coming back.

“It comes down to communication, so I think the reason customers continue to come to Mighty Auto Pro is because we deliver a very clear, concise message about their car.”  


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