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Editor's Letter: Wide Fairways

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I’ll try to make this analogy quickly, in case you’re not a golfer: One of the most difficult aspects of the game is to not compound on one mistake with another. Each round—each hole, even—can take on a life of its own, and momentum is the key to scoring; or, rather, halting negative momentum is the key to scoring. 

Too often, rounds can follow a pattern like this: Poor shot, anger; another poor shot, more anger; a worse shot, deeper anger; poor hole, an even worse hole; another bad hole … and an exponentially skyrocketing score.

This is why Ben Hogan famously said that the most important shot in golf is the next one. Similarly, my dad gave me a very simple piece of advice when I was young that has stuck with me (on and off the course) ever since. After a poor hole, the most important thing to do is to hit the next fairway.

Take a deep breath. Reset. Focus only on what’s directly in front of you.

OK, so that wasn’t so quick, but hopefully you get where I’m going here. 

Let’s move on from discussing 2020 in terms of wins and losses. I’m sure we all had a decent amount of both, and if you’re reading this, clearly, you’re a survivor. It’s all there on the scorecard, and the scorecard doesn’t lie. Now it’s behind us, and there’s nothing we can do, one way or another, to change it. Let’s move on. 

Take a deep breath. Reset. Focus only on what’s directly in front of you.

The topic of our main feature this month was determined in July (that’s when we do our annual planning for the publication), and it was very intentional. In it, associate editor Megan Gosch looks at goal setting, and highlights three operations with some lofty ambitions for 2021—all of which can and should be emulated in one way or another in your business. It’s the mindset and approach that each of these business leaders take that offers the true takeaway. Read it, and take a look through all of our January content. All of our stories focus on ways you can streamline your operation and, ultimately, get closer to achieving your goals in 2021. 

We’re here, it’s January, and it’s time to push forward. Whatever happened last year, let’s not compound mistakes, and let’s not try to “get it all back” in one fell swoop, either. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity out there, but we need to start with our next shot and build from there. 

Hit the next fairway; it’s wide open.

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