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Who is Your Auto Repair Hero?

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2020 All-Star Winner Becky Merlini

The auto repair industry is full of them. 

Those who care much more about people than profit. Those who stay late or come in on their day off to help out when work’s piled up. Those who are quick with a pep talk or words of encouragement when their team needs it most. Those dedicated to a job well done and the chance to take care of their customers and their communities at large. Those who led their shops through a most uncertain year, and those working hard to pave the way for a brighter future for the repair industry. 

If I’ve learned anything over the course of this last year, it’s that the auto repair industry is teeming with hardworking, big-hearted leaders who are passionate about making an impact. 

Whether they’re repairing a vehicle pro bono for a family in need or launching their own in-house training program to make sure their techs can grow and succeed on the job, top-notch owners and operators are taking care of customers, growing their businesses and investing in the industry’s success … but they’re often hard at work behind the scenes.

Isn’t it time they get some recognition? And who better to sing their praises than those who know first-hand just how much time, effort, dedication, and care they put in. 

The Ratchet+Wrench team is working to shine a hard earned spotlight on the owners and operators dedicated to improving the industry and helping others with this year’s 2021 Ratchet+Wrench All-Star Awards and we want to hear from you. If you know of a deserving auto care professional, please take a moment to nominate them to be recognized on a grand stage. Nominations officially close May 10. 

And while this year’s nominations are focused on spotlighting the owners and operators, we’re always eager to hear about those making an impact at every level. Reach out and drop us a line anytime!

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