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Feb. 22, 2016— announced on Monday that it will now offer its VIN decoder guide, as well as VIN lookups, for free to all of its customers.

“At the end of 2015, we saw that we could reduce our costs for our extensive national database,” said Vanessa Hernandez, a spokesperson. “So it made sense to pass the savings on to our customers with free VIN decoders and reports.”

The VIN decoder is a guide that lets anyone who wants to buy or sell a used vehicle learn what the first several letters and numbers in the VIN mean, Hernandez explains.

“Those first few VIN digits will decode the manufacturer, make, model, and where the car was made, among other data,” she said. “But a full vehicle history report decodes the entire VIN, and that extra information can help a buyer avoid buying a lemon, or paying too much for a used car, truck, van or motorcycle.”

The full report includes the name of the current owner, mileage reports, service reports, and whether the vehicle has been reported stolen or been in a major accident.

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