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Mike Ngo, owner of Eurowise, started the business in his garage. After a period of modest growth, Eurowise moved to half of a shop Ngo found for rent on Craigslist.

Fast-forward to present day, and Eurowise now owns both halves of the shop, the other half of which operates as a high-end performance and custom-build shop. Eurowise is also in the process of opening two additional shops in Charleston, S.C., and Atlanta. Marketing itself to a wide variety of customers, Eurowise routinely services exotics alongside economy cars. The shop recently celebrated its seventh anniversary.

 Eurowise recently completed a facelift of the shop to give it a more modern and eclectic design, making use of reclaimed wood to remodel the shop’s front facade. Ngo says the lobby is full of items and features you are more likely to find in someone’s home than a service shop.

“We already have the service and performance quality down,” Ngo says. “We want to engage a different type of crowd, the type of people that would typically go to a dealership because they want that type of concierge service.”

2   Each of the shop’s nine lifts (four on one side, five on the other) are arranged at 45-degree angles toward the entrance so the middle lane is left open. Automatic doors and air conditioning were installed inside the shop to keep the technicians working in a comfortable environment. Since the shop is marketed as capable of working on any make and model of vehicle, each technician has a specialty and works almost exclusively with that type of vehicle, whether it is a Volkswagen, BMW or an exotic line.

“We still have guys who bring in Volkswagen Rabbits from 1974 and right next to that in the next bay there will be a Ferrari 458 with its engine being pulled out,” Ngo says.

3  Eurowise’s performance shop tackles a wide variety of work, from general services for Ferraris and Lamborghinis to complete restorations. It also designs, fabricates and installs custom performance equipment such as turbo kits and exhaust systems and sells that equipment globally.

4  On the last Tuesday of every month, Eurowise hosts a car show that it calls “Meat & Chill.” It gives Eurowise’s enthusiastic clients the opportunity to come and hang out at the shop, show off their cars and grill some meat.

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