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Finding (and Keeping) Great Employees

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Finding and Retaining Employees
Tips for finding and retaining great employees.

Between recruiting and interviewing and onboarding and training, there's a ton of work to be done in finding and retaining employees. Here are the absolute essential ones to keep in mind, according to Automotive Training Institute coaches Geoff Berman and John Leslie, who presented on the topic at the 2018 ATI SuperConference.


Tips to improve recruiting:

  1. Have someone review your job ads
  2. Use social media
  3. Talk about your culture/vision on your shop's website
  4. Sponsor trianing clinics at your shop
  5. Ask for recruits during interviews
  6. Always be recruiting—even when you don't need employees
  7. Recruit people outside the industry


Tips to improve interviwing:

  1. Practice interviewing with friends and family
  2. Never hire people on the first interview
  3. Get your staff involved in interviews
  4. Hire for head, heart and hands (before you hire for skills)
  5. Find someone that fits into your culture before anything else


Tips to improve onboarding:

  1. Set clear expectations about what they'll learn and how long it will take
  2. Give them a training checklist
  3. Give them an employee handbook to study
  4. Have a welcome reception for new hires
  5. Be there for them in the beginning, then slowly back off


Tips for training employees:

  1. Teach, don't preach
  2. Focus on patience, speed and consistency
  3. Hold them accountable
  4. Have a training checklist

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