Do-It-Yourself Shop Opens in South Carolina

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Nov. 13, 2018— Lug Nutz, a do-it-yourself auto repair shop recently opened in Columbia, S.C., according to a report by WACH FOX 57. The shop is equipped with seven bays and two additional motorcycle bays that anyone can rent, WACH FOX 57 reports. 

Shop owner, John Adams, told WACH FOX 57 that there will be a mechanic onsite to ensure that everyone is working safely. 

"If you know what you're doing, but you live in an apartment, you can't fix your car in the parking lot—it's against the rules or you don't have the tools," Adams told WACH FOX 57. "But [if] you know how to do it, you can come here and we have all of the stuff for you."

Adams says the mechanic is the only one who operates the lifts, WACH FOX 57 reports. Mechanics will not diagnose your car, but will monitor your work. In order to use the building, individuals will have to sign a waiver saying the shop is not responsible in the instance that someone is hurt, the station reports. 

"If you don't work on your car, you won't be a customer," Adams said to WACH FOX 57.

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