Florida Repair Shop Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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Nov. 26, 2018— Gorman's Auto Service & Tire of Marco Island, Flo., now offers charging stations for customers with electric vehicles, according to a report by Marco Eagle. Owner, Tim Gorman and son, Sean, believe the investment will benefit customers as electric vehicles become more common in the future.

“There’s no doubt, electric cars are coming. Not overnight, but you’re going to see more and more electric cars” in the years ahead," Sean Gorman said to Marco Eagle

For those who have already purchased electrical vehicles, looking for a charger station can pose as an issue for vehicle owners, Sean Gorman said to  Marco Eagle.

“If you’re on the road, there are very limited options for charging your car,” Sean Gorman said to Marco Eagle.

In efforts to cater to more customers, the automotive business decided to make chargers accessible outside for customers to utilize. According to Marco Eagle, the shop features charging stations for electric car batteries that sit outside the business and are available to use following credit card purchase. 

“If you have an electric vehicle on Marco Island, there is almost nowhere to charge it,” Owner Tim Gorman said to Marco Eagle. 

Tim Gorman told Marco Eagle that he believes their charger will be used by travelers who are heading to other locations such as Key West. According to Tim, mobile apps such as "Plugshare," provide users with charging station locations. 
“This isn’t really a moneymaker for us. It’s more of a service, and a way to introduce us to electric car owners,” Tim Gorman said to Marco Eagle

According to Marco Eagle, the Bosch PowerMax unit they installed in September cost around $1,800 and charges $3 per hour.
“We know people have used it, because the credit card charges have come through,” Tim Gorman said to Marco Eagle.

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