Third-Party Tesla Extended Warranty Announced

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May 13, 2019—As the Tesla fleet grows (and ages), it's helpful to know there are additional options (just in case) to care for an out-of-warranty Model 3, Model S, Model X or Roadster. It turns out that X-Care EV Protection is now offering the nation’s first third-party extended warranty for Tesla owners, according to

X-Care is meant to mirror Tesla’s own extended service agreement it offers customers—it covers nearly everything the automaker’s extended warranty does. While Tesla restricts its own coverage exclusively to customers who buy Tesla vehicles from the automaker, X-Care can be offered by any auto retailer and can be used to cover any Tesla reports

The warranty, provided by Xcelerate Auto, also fills a gap left open by traditional providers in the industry, who have been reluctant to cover electric vehicles. Without decades of data regarding reliability and repair costs, other companies have interpreted the electric vehicles as too big of a risk.

“A lot of the companies that provide vehicle service contracts, administrators and banks, they don’t want to take the risks,” Milad Davoodi, VP of Sales and Sales Operations for Xcelerate said to “They aren’t familiar with the electric vehicle technology.”

Any electric vehicle less than 10 years old with less than 125,000 miles is eligible for X-Care. Available warranty lengths and prices will vary based on how old the vehicle is, but coverage is always the same.

While traditional dealerships and service centers will accept X-Care EV Protection like any other extended warranty, the process has to be a little different for Tesla owners, because they don’t normally handle third-party warranties. Xcelerate trained a specific team of six individuals to handle Tesla claims, reports

“We have a specific X-Care hotline for Tesla owners,” said Davoodi. “You call them, share the concern, and start the claim. From then on, nothing changes. The driver schedules the service on their phone with the Tesla App, and after service is completed, Tesla calls us for payment.”

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