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5 Ideas for the Next 5 Years

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Welcome to 2020. 

It may look different than you pictured. There are no flying cars—yet. But, that could all change in the next five years—in 2025. 

So much has changed since 2015, it’s hard to say what the automotive industry will look like in the next five years. That being said, the time to prepare for the future is now. 

Rideshare, autonomous and electric vehicles have been a major topic at industry events and within the pages of this magazine. Their presence threatens the landscape of what our readers do. Today’s consumer is more informed than ever, and comes with higher expectations, meaning businesses need to adapt. With a shift in vehicle ownership and the type of vehicles consumers are buying, paired with growing customer demands, shop owners need to pay attention—or go extinct. 

These next few pages highlight five trends that shop owners need to pay attention to and adapt their business for—consolidation, telematics, EVs, virtual reality and e-commerce. 

Are you ready for these? If not, start reading. 2025 is just around the corner. 


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