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From The Editors: The New Golden Rule of Leadership

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In the inaugural episode of From the Editors, vice president of content Bryce Evans and editorial director Anna Zeck break down the biggest stories in the February issue of Ratchet+Wrench.

First, the two discuss the shift in leadership styles over the years (anyone remember lots of yelling from their high school coaches?), why it’s important to serve your teams, and how to put each team member in the best position to succeed (2:22). Next, learn exactly how to implement “the new golden rule of leadership,” which involves leading employees how they need to be led (6:30). To round out the issue, find out columnist Aaron Stokes’ tips for getting out of a rut and how to stay motivated when the best direction to take is unclear (10:20).

And finally, get a behind-the-scenes look at Ratchet+Wrench’s latest launch, the ADAPT: Automotive Technology Summit, happening May 31-June 2 in Nashville (12:15).  



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