Podcast: 2023 RWMC Speaker Series | Meet Phil Carpenter

Sept. 13, 2023
Phil Carpenter, COO of Urban Auto Care and Avalon Motorsports in Denver, Colorado, will be teaching a pair of classes at the 2023 Ratchet+Wrench Management Conference.

Phil Carpenter is the COO of Urban Auto Care and Avalon Motorsports in Denver, Colorado. In this series focused on getting to know some of the 2023 Ratchet+Wrench Management Conference speakers, Phil is going to talk about what he does, what his session topics are about and why you should attend, what excites him about the industry today, and his biggest accomplishments and greatest lessons in business.

If you're still not registered for the 2023 Ratchet+Wrench Management Conference, visit rwconference.com and use promo code ChrisJones to get $100 off your registration.

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