New Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Reports Available for 2016

Oct. 23, 2015

Oct. 23, 2015—Hedges & Company, a market research and digital marketing agency, introduced on Thursday its Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Reports for 2016. These new reports forecast buying activity for nearly 100 auto parts and services, in two dozen categories, by car and light truck owners in 2016.

The Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Reports give detailed information on the total number of vehicles getting service repair, maintenance and replacement auto parts. The reports summarize popular vehicle types and segment all vehicles by age, geographic region and vehicle make. The reports provide benchmarks to measure against.

"These Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Reports help managers and business owners measure sales potential as well as identify new markets," said Julie Hedges, principal at Hedges & Company. "There is a lack of quantifiable vehicle level data in the aftermarket industry and the Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Reports have real numbers to work with.”

The company said manufacturers, business owners, product and brand managers could find the reports useful in understanding the markets they sell to,  identifying a specific number of parts or services that will be sold, or measuring the size of a new market.

Reports are available for the following automotive parts categories: Air Conditioning, Batteries and Alternators, Brakes, Chassis Parts, Engine, Gaskets and Belts, Exhaust and Emissions, Fuel System Parts, Heating and Radiator, Ignition and Electrical, Oil and Filters, Shocks and Suspension, Spark Plugs and Timing, Steering Parts, Transmission, Wheels and Tires and Windshield.

The new reports are available by either part category or individual part of repair service. Additional reports will be released in the next several months. The reports can be purchased online and downloaded here, a free sample Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Report can also be downloaded.

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