CARS to Feature Mitchell 1 Training Manager

June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015—Mitchell 1 National Training Manager Tim McDonnell will lead a training session at the 2015 NACE/CARS Expo & Conference, according to an announcement made Thursday.

The Mitchell 1 session will be called “Shop Management Unleashed” and will take place July 22 from 1–2 p.m. at the COBO Center in Detroit, Mich. The expo runs July 21-25.

The session targets those involved in leadership management and mechanical technical tracks and will address the optimization of repair shop efficiency. McDonnell will help attendees discover whether they are reaching their profit-generating potential and provide solutions to maximize results based on Mitchell 1’s Manager SE shop management system.

The session will be 90 minutes long and is based on content from Mitchell 1’s two-day shop management workshop, aimed to help attendees use Mitchell 1 or ShopKey management software.

Topics Include:

  • Configuring Work-in-Progress Screen, Shortcuts, User Preferences
  • Automating HazMat, Shop Supplies, Labor Rates, Tax Settings, Customer Types, Late Fees
  • Setup for the way you work: Reports/Printers, Security, Vehicle Recommendations
  • Repair Order Tips: Options, Parts, Labor, Sublet, Notes, Symptoms, Revisions, History
  • Simplify Repeated Tasks: Part Kits, Canned Jobs
  • Manager SE Overdrive: connecting to industry’s widest selection of parts catalogs
  • How inventory and purchase orders work with electronic parts ordering
  • Follow-up tools generate additional business and customer loyalty
  • Extending your shop management system into your driveway and your bays with Mobile ManagerPro

To learn more about CARS and see view a full schedule of events, visit the website.

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