New Mobile App Connects Customers Directly to Repair Shops

April 9, 2015

April 9, 2015—RepairLync, a startup based in the San Francisco area, on Thursday launched a new mobile app that intends to bridge the gap between car owners and repair shops through its first-in-the-industry electronic diagnosis to shop tool.

Using an inexpensive third party OBD-II reader with their smartphone, a user scans their vehicle’s computer for diagnostic data and sends it to local shops for repair quotes. The app also works without the OBD-II reader, where the user can manually choose needed repairs.

RepairLync said it has hundreds of shops in its database and is signing up new shop partners every day.

The app is available for Android smartphones and tablets. There are no fees, so shop estimates do not include a premium. Repair shop bills are paid straight to the shop, so consumers do not need to worry about paying for the repair until after the work is done.

The company said its vision is to connect car owners to repair shops electronically from their home, saving consumers time and empowering them to choose their repair location based on reviews or price.

“Working on cars most of my life, I always tried to figure out ways to get repairs done more efficiently,” said Craig Whitney, founder of RepairLync. “I was constantly examining vehicle OBD systems, and wondered how to make full use of it. This app gets this information to the consumer, and straight to those who are most qualified to translate it, certified shop mechanics. Consumers then have the freedom to choose where they can take their vehicle in for repair, as easily as they do so in Yelp, when looking for restaurants.”

The app has been available on the Android market since December 2014 and is currently targeted to the San Francisco area. The company said it plans to spread further and already has a presence in multiple states.

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