Bunch: Harnessing the Power of Phone

Jan. 31, 2024
Mastering phone communication and diligently tracking performance are not just strategies; they are investments in the customer experience.

Jones: Exit Strategy

Jan. 22, 2024
When writing a business plan, it's not only wise to know how you'll start the business but prudent to consider how you'll exit the business later.
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An auto repair shop owner stands confidently.
Editor's Letter

Jones: The Standard is the Standard

July 6, 2023
The importance of maintaining the baseline when the going gets tough to overcome the odds and realize your dream.
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Broski Call Tips for Service Advisors

Broski: 4 Prospective (New) Customer Call-In Tips

March 16, 2023
In his March column, Victor Broski offers service advisors four tips for turning cold callers into customers.
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Bennett: 4 Signs of Toxic a Workplace and How to Overcome It

March 15, 2023
How to determine if your workplace has become toxic and what to do to fix it.
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Jones: Environment is Everything

March 9, 2023
Where we spend our time is relevant to the level of success we can achieve. The best organizations know this and build around their people.
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Marconi: Why You Should Not Obsess Over Your Competition

Feb. 24, 2023
In spending too much time studying the competition, shop owners can make costly mistakes that can cause their shop to lose its identity, culture and focus.
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Stokes: Breaking Down Gross Profit

Feb. 17, 2023
A quick and easy formula for taking a deep dive into your numbers to get a clearer picture of your auto repair shop's financial health.
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Jones: Getting Out of Your Own Way

June 2, 2022
The most effective leaders are those who know their strengths and realize the benefit of surrounding themselves with people who demonstrate talent where they lack proficiency....