What is First-Class Service and Peace of Mind Worth?

Aug. 30, 2019

The Roadside Assistance and 36-Months/36,000-Miles Warranty from Parts Plus ensures premier benefits for your customers.

Cars these days! So complicated. So expensive. And so difficult to repair!

These problems persist no matter what type of vehicle your shop services. For drivers, the problem is exponentially exacerbated by two key factors: trust in their repair shop and proximity to it.

What if those factors didn’t matter, though? What if merely associating with your shop guaranteed peace of mind and premium service when your clients need it most?

That’s the promise and value Parts Plus Car Care Centers offer. 

Roadside Assistance from Coast to Coast

“The Roadside Assistance program from Parts Plus really is a fantastic benefit to drivers,” says Ron Comfort Jr., owner of CW Imports (Lancaster, Penn.). 

“We offer it to our regular customers; it’s a great bonus and gives them comfort if they have trouble as long as they come here for service. We’re a Parts Plus Car Care Center Platinum Member, so it’s free.”

Comfort Jr. cites all the major headaches that plague customers on the road: dead batteries, flat tires, and blown or faulty transmissions. Anything that needs towing, in other words. 

The Roadside Assistance program reimburses drivers up to $75 and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. Customers also benefit from the Roadside Assistance Certificate, which is good for a one-time battery boost, lock-out service, fuel delivery or flat tire change for one year.

“The first reaction when I mention the program is, ‘What’s it going to cost?’ ” Comfort Jr. says.

“Once you explain it, however, the light bulb goes off. And it’s not just your shop—it’s any Parts Plus Car Care Center Platinum member across the country. We take care of our customers.”  

More than anything, Comfort Jr. stresses that most drivers don’t realize how much help they may need, especially out of their normal comfort (and driving) zones. 

“You need a shop you can trust and that will take care of you,” he says, “and the Roadside Assistance program does exactly that. It’s a safety net for when you need it most.” 

As the Miles Mount, the Quality Remains

For Platinum Car Care Centers, the Roadside Assistance program is not the only benefit to its clients—the 36-Months/36,000-Miles Parts & Labor Warranty is also available. 

For Frank Drellishak (owner of Drellishak’s Service, in Rocky River, Ohio), the warranty program is key to retaining customers and offering a tangible, real-world benefit to new ones. 

“As a member of the Parts Plus Service Dealer Advisory Council for the last 10 years, I have a unique insight on how the program works,” he says, adding that the program was developed with the input of average independent shop owners from around the country to offer the maximum benefits that all small business owners everywhere would desire for their customers. 

“It provides a selling point boost when customers are deciding where to get their cars serviced,” he says. “Knowing that Parts Plus has the confidence in its services to offer this great warranty gives us confidence to promote it.”

As a second-generation shop owner, Drellisak believes it is important to live up to the legacy of the business his family started and that bears the family’s name. 

“It is a challenge to take the family business over and to keep it up to date in this challenging industry,” he says. 

“Our name has always stood for honesty and quality workmanship; the previous generation set the bar high and we strive to continue this tradition.”

For Drellishak’s Service, the warranty program provides a safety net for customers old and new. Platinum Car Care Centers under the warranty program enjoy the following features:

  • Warranty reimbursement is for 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first

  • Installers are provided (4) Mile 1 Labor claims in a 12-month period

  • Installers can receive a three-hour labor max at $75 per hour

  • Reimbursement benefits are only available to current shops enrolled in the Platinum Program

Like the Roadside Assistance program, Parts Plus Car Care Centers will help your customers no matter where the road takes them. For owners such as Comfort Jr. and Drellishak, choosing to ally with Parts Plus allows them to leverage the power of the larger network and join a fraternity of shops committed to quality service, reliable work and the safest cars on the road.

Cars are complicated, trust is earned, and the long-term value of quality care cannot be boiled down to a simple number or price.

To learn how Parts Plus can help your shop provide top service, repairs and a loyal customer base, click here. 

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