The Hybrid, EV Takeover

Dec. 7, 2018

As the industry progresses toward an electric future, these are the crucial steps to take to prepare your operation for sustained success.

Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future, according to Martin Kruszelnicki, president and CEO of The Hybrid Shop (THS), a franchise program where businesses partner with it and are provided with a turnkey program that allows them to service hybrid and electric vehicles.

“This is where the world is going,” Kruszelnicki says.

Kruszelnicki took over THS in 2017 and has revamped the program. Under Kruszelnicki’s leadership, partnership with THS allows shops to position themselves early as part of a highly specialized service and repair network that will dominate the servicing and repair of hybrid and electric vehicles in the future.

Kruszelnicki, who had remanufactured batteries for over a decade when he took over THS, thoroughly understands the technology and designed equipment and processes that were superior to the model that was in place before him. Now, THS provides complete solutions for its dealers needs and puts them ahead of the competition when it comes to the future of vehicle repairs.

THS now provides remanufactured battery packs, vehicle diagnostic equipment, complete marketing packages, technical support, several levels of training, a software portal with CRM and a variety of other exclusive products to its dealers.

Kruszelnicki shares the information that shops need to know before signing up to be a dealer with THS.

Why should shops be focused on hybrids and EVs?

Some countries, like Great Britain, decided to ban internal combustion–equipped vehicles completely by 2040 and others will follow. The hybrid market will grow globally for 20 more years and then EVs will dominate. In fact, battery electric vehicle sales will surpass regular combustion engine–equipped vehicles in coming years—sooner than everyone thinks. That’s one of the main reasons for THS. Hybrid and electric vehicles are the future and the future is here.  

It’s called The Hybrid Shop, but you mention EVs. Are EVs part of the program?

Yes, electric vehicles are part of it.THS provides all the tools to repair shops for both hybrids and electrics, so [shops] can capture the market for these vehicles. Many skeptics claim that EVs popped up in the past 100 years a few times and then went away. This time, it’s different—the electric revolution is here. Now, every major OEM is working on battery technology and many sell thousands of affordable electric cars already. Once out of warranty, THS will aim to capture these customers.

How exactly does THS’ model work?

The Hybrid Shop offers training, tech support, software, marketing, and products for its shops to allow them to successful repair hybrid and electric vehicles. Shops that are interested can apply online at Right now, there is no limit to the number of shops that are accepted into the program. We just need to make sure that the protected territory and car count will be enough for a given location.

What technology does THS provide its dealers?

We provide battery remanufacturing that is completely automatic. THS supplies all of its dealers with battery packs and more. Processed battery module selection is based on several parameters done by an algorithm. The engineers at THS are currently working on replacement battery packs with higher capacity, plug-in conversion kits, and other unique products. The ultimate goal is to help the environment, achieve better mileage and help dealers make a profit.

What does THS’ training look like?

The Hybrid Shop’s new training program will have several levels of advancement and will allow our technicians to learn new skills, make more money, and have better, more satisfying lives. I believe that training is an extremely important component and we aim to have the best training program in the industry.

When a shop joins THS, it is sent through a training program where they are trained in diagnostics and how to work with high-voltage vehicles.

Currently, we have a training center in Los Angeles where classes are held. We’re working on getting a second location along the east coast. We’re also working on several classes that will allow technicians to understand several components of hybrid and EVs.

How much does it cost to be a part of THS?

It costs about $16,500.

What does the future look like for THS?

We’re looking to grow our network significantly. There are over 5 million hybrid and electric vehicles on the road right now that are out of warranty and we want to target these customers. Our primary goal is to provide education, unique products and grow with our dealers.

If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been searching for, The Hybrid Shop would love to talk to you. Call 800-397-2690 or email us at [email protected] to see how you can become part of this fast growing Hybrid and Electric Vehicle business segment.

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